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August 16th & 17th | 2023

Thank you for being part of the incredible journey at Artificial Conference 2023! Together, we explored the endless possibilities of AI for art , business, and marketing. Your energy, insights, and passion made this event truly extraordinary. Missed out?

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Mathias Omotola - Co-Founder


 Explore AI-generated art, concepts, & 3D processes, emphasizing the importance of in-person connections in balancing automation & humanity.


 Explore AI and Business tools to help launch build and grow your business using the power of AI.


AI is revolutionizing the marketing industry and learn from the experts on how to leverage this technology for your brand.


AI-Driven Marketing and Automation Strategies. Practical tactics for automating business and marketing processes leveraging A.I.; no coding required.


AI and Copyright Law. Discover how the legal landscape is changing and how AI tools can effect your business legally. 

Why should I Join Artificial Conference Events? 

World Class Speakers

Prepare to be inspired by world-class speakers who are revolutionizing the industry - come discover the future of AI!

Transformative Experience

Looking for the best experience to connect with industry leaders, gain practical insights, and explore AI? This is it!


AI isn't just about technology, it's about people too. Network with like-minded professionals and discover new ideas at this can't-miss event.

What Will I experience at the conference? 

Modern Comfortable Venues

Discover the latest in AI at a stunning, modern venue, perfect for connecting with industry leaders and exploring the future of the industry.

Industry leaders

Join the conversation with the pioneers of the AI industry and explore new ideas to take your business to the next level.


Want to stay ahead of the curve in AI education? Learn from the best in the industry and gain the insights you need to succeed.

2023 Event Speakers

The world class speakers of Artificial Conference 2023

prev. DreamWorks Animation 👨🏽‍🎨 “Bob Ross” of the Metaverse.

Don Allen Stevenson III - Speaker/ Advisor - XR, Ai, and Futurism 

VP of Machine Learning at Upwork -Marketing Analytics, Experimentation Platform & ML Infrastructure.

Erica Luna Lee - Founder of

INNOVATION, Startuping, Entrepreunership, Marketing, FMCG, Sports, Advertising and Brand Management, Leadership, Trainer, Big Ideas, Creativity.

Konstantinos Synodinos - CEO and Founder of SIMPLY DIGITAL

Award-winning YouTuber, founder of the Future Tools website and newsletter, and self-proclaimed tech-nerd, who just loves to find and share the latest AI news and tools.

Matt Wolfe - Founder of Future tools

Advising and training on the effective, creative, and strategic use of AI tools to ideate, integrate and innovate. CEO of Saana, an AI consulting, training, and intelligent marketing agency.

Alie Jules - AI Consultant & Educator

Emmy Nominated Futurist and Creative Consultant focused on Designing the Future. From blockbuster films (Black Panther, Avengers: Endgame) to innovative products (Hummer EV, Microsoft Hololens) specialized in balancing the cinematic and the pragmatic.

John LePore - Futurist / Creative Consultant

AI Educator & Consultant, passionate about visual content creation with generative AI tools. 

Heather Cooper - AI Educator & Consultant Content StrategistEx-Amazon “expert”A.I. prompt ninja + no-code automation wizard, and behavioral psychology enthusiast. 

Anthony Lee - A.I. Plus Automation founder

 Clientele including global giants like Google, Gucci, and Adobe, as well as visual creations for music stars such as Drake and Skrillex. Besides his acclaimed personal brand, Brilly also imparts his expertise as a 3D animation professor at Ringling College of Art and Design, and his ten-year-strong trademark art series captivates with its diverse imagery.

Brilly - CEO Brilly / Professor

At NVIDIA, Ashlee specializes in emerging content creation workflows to help inform the Media & Entertainment Product Management process. 

Ashlee Martino-Tarr - Workflow Specialist at NVIDIA

 Technology transactions attorney at Morrison Foerster and a member of the firm's AI steering committee. Prior In academia, her work on the regulation of technology companies, the First Amendment, and copyright has been published in numerous books, law reviews, and news publications. 

Heather Whitney - Technology Attorney

Creative Director and visual effect producer,  For artists such as Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Black keys, Avril Lavigne, Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande and many more. Having worked with NVIDIA over the years in various marketing collaborations, Sabour has taken a new role at NVIDIA in Technical Marketing to showcase all the amazing innovations that NVIDIA is bringing to the creative industry.

Sabour Amirazodi - NVIDIA Technical Marketing

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Creating the future

Founder Message

Artificial Conference

Humans have to be the main part of the equation when creating AI. We need a global community of individuals coming together to use AI to solve the problems of the world not just speed up the current systems. 

"Creating a world where People Love AI for the things they Hate and Love AI for the things they Love."

Mathias Omotola


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